Drzewka ogrodowe

The "Iglak" Tree and Shrub Nursery was established by Mr. Waldemar Wójcik in 1994. We have been specializing, from the very onset of our operation, in producing soil-grown coniferous plants, as material growing in natural conditions is by far more attractive than that grown in pots. We also continue to expand the range of container-grown plants, which may be sown during the summer season. Currently the nursery occupies the area of over 30 hectares, on which several dozen species of coniferous plants, as well as a few deciduous, evergreen plants are cultivated. All plants in our nursery are subject to systematic fertilization, trimming and watering.

The unique location of our nursery is another factor that contributes to the quality of the plants we offer. The nursery if located in the village of Osuchów, at 210 m above sea level - in the highest part of the Western Mazowsze region. Osuchów and its vicinity are often referred to as the highlands of Mazowsze. Thanks to such a high elevation (100 higher than Warsaw), the plants produced in our fields are much better suited to withstand the harsh conditions they may encounter at your location.

The group of our target customers includes, primarily, owners of nurseries and gardening centers, greenery architects, as well as garden and greenery designing companies. Retail customers are also invited to visit our nursery. At present, we are focusing on expanding the range of products we offer, and on modernizing our working methods by investing and maintaining the fast pace of growth. We do hope that our efforts will contribute to making our offer even more attractive and will encourage you to establish long-lasting ties with our company.

Please be invited to check our latest offering and to visit our nursery in person.